Notes on UMass Conditioning Night #5

Thursday, 9/18/2008
What a night! I'm still sore from it. Forgot to count again, but we had close to 20 participants, at least 5 of which were girls. Also, we're starting to develop a core group of about 10 people who consistently come out to train at every session. Last night, we warmed up with some qigong breathing/balance exercises, random QM, and agility drills before spending some time on precision jumps and landings at Haigis Mall. We then moved to the hill between Franklin DC and Baker Hall and crawled up it backwards, turned around, and jogged down backwards. Travis led a series of core workouts on the grass. The last twenty minutes were spent on rail vaulting techniques at the bottom of the hill, and we cooled down with partner stretching led by Yair.

Conditioning Exercises
- cross-over speed drill
- high knees
- butt kicks
- uphill backwards QM
- downhill backwards jog
- regular crunches
- oblique crunches
- Russian twists
- wall sit

There was a great vibe to last night's training. The hill workout was hard for a lot of people, but everyone motivated each other to the top, and the last ones to finish got the loudest cheers from the rest of the group. Moments like these make me really proud of the Parkour community.

Quote of the night came from a random passerby during the wall sits: "What? You mean this isn't hazing?"

People enjoyed the partner stretches, so I think we'll be doing more of them. Besides giving a good stretch, they have the side benefit of building team cohesiveness. I also liked having different members lead various parts of the training - it adds variety and gives them a chance to practice leadership skills.

For the future
- get scrap cloth for QM capture the flag
- find a place on campus for dips and L-sits

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