So I got this email linking to a Craig's List job offering. This gym in Shirley, MA is looking for a part time parkour/freerunning instructor. Here's the listing if anyone is interested. LINK

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If I were older I would definitely look into this, mostly to try and get them do not develop competition. Teaching is fine, but the employer probably won't get anyone if they're supposed to help develop parkour/freerunning competition at the gym.
Well in that case I'm glad your not old enough. No offense, but as far as I'm concerned the less competition the better.
That's exactly what I said. I meant to say "to not develop competition" but i made a typo and said "do not develop competition."

I completely disagree with competition in parkour and freerunning.
Tsk tsk Kyle you can't passively aggressively insult people's ages on forums because of an obvious word choice error ("do" instead of "to"), you in fact choose to type "your" instead of "you're" but you don't see Nick jumping on your s***. Especially since his whole post has to do with lack of competition... no need to insinuate other's immaturity. :D
Hahahaha thanks Travis.
I did misunderstand his post. My bad. Though, I didn't insult his age and I wasn't being passive aggressive at all. I wasn't jumping on his shit, nor was I insinuating anyone's immaturity. No need to go making unfounded claims or snide remarks.
Haha I understand. Snide remarks and sarcasm make this so much more fun though. I'm 16, which is probably a little young for an instructing job in a town thats an hour away when I have no car.
Parkour, yes no competition since it's not in the philosophy. But Freerunning is just expressing yourself through movement instead of moving yourself by means of efficient movement, so they can compete all they want. So long as they call it Freerunning.
Eh I still don't like the idea of freerunning competition. All it does is push athletes to try and land the bigger trick, which I've seen lead to injuries. Just look at the Ultimate Parkour Challenge and the World Freerun Championships.
Well, it's Freerunning, again. It's about tricking, every sport gets pushed to bigger and better things. Let them do what they want.
Everything can lead to injury. Training itself can lead to injury. I don't think competition pushes athletes to do anything their not ready to do.. "land bigger tricks" I think competition is a great way to grow a sport or art, and motivate athletes to train harder and become better traceurs.

I'm all for free-running and parkour competition. I don't usually comment on things like this, but all I read on forums and hear from people is "no competition, it's not in philosophy". I almost want to say shut up (then again i don't want to piss anyone off). There's too many discussions and arguments going on. Have you ever competed in a parkour competition? Competition is what brings the best out of people, it can be a great training tool. I know i've pushed myself and done great things in competition, and maybe inspired some. Weather it be in the dojo, or in a gymnasium.

Everyone has a problem with commercializing, and competing.. Those are some of the best ways to get the word out! We need people to learn about this beautiful movement. I was astonished at how many people disliked the Ultimate Parkour Challenge, before it even aired! Sure it was a little cheesy, but the second stage, trying to get through the stage the quickest way possible. That's what it's all about, that's putting your training to the test right there. That showed me which traceurs had the most training. I thought that was great. Sometimes I think about Ninja Warrior. If it wasn't for that one show, i may not be doing parkour today. That show alone motivated me, and probably many people to train harder or even begin training, and a lot of people even had the chance to get out there and put themselves to the test. I think it can be the same thing for parkour, no one knows about it. When i'm training on the street, no one knows what i'm doing, and it's assumed childs play/foolish behavior. If i put so much dedication, time, and training into something, i want to show the world. A lot of people who think they can execute techniques from parkour, might not be able to under stressful situations. One of many things competition can teach perhaps (if you're argument is nothing good can come from comp.)?

I know 98% of people disagree, and I realize this subject can be extremely controversial but whatever, i just wanted to get that off my back, as for this thread, I would love to do this job, if I had more experience and trusted myself teaching, I wouldn't hesitate.

as always, train hard, train safe.
I'd agree with you, and do agree with you in part. Competition can lead to better traceurs and freerunners. Grew the most as a traceur when I was regularly training with people of my approximate skill level, we'd all push to be the first, the longest, the highest.

My problem with competition is with things like Barclaycard Freerunning Championship. Brought to you by Urban Freeflow, who are largely voiced by "E-Z Styla" who is easily one of the biggest dicks I've had the misfortune of listening to, and who knows what other poor sponsors. How does one practice a sport that looks to better the individual with a giant Mountain Dew sticker across their bum?

That being said, if it weren't for the "awesome" mentality of MTV's Ultimate Challenge, I would have been fine with it. I just don't want to see the hand of something lesser stick itself into parkour.


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